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Upcoming Events

Help spread the word! You won't want to miss this talk.

The Gift of a Commercial-Free Childhood

A public talk by Dr. Susan Linn

Wednesday, October 8, 7:00 pm

Community Hall, 57 Desert Rd

Donation at the door.


"No parents in history have ever had to cope with the unprecedented convergence

of a ubiquitous, sophisticated, alluring, habit-forming screen technology

and unfettered, unregulated advertising." Dr. Susan Linn

     With the intensity of the California gold rush, corporations are racing to stake their claim on the consumer group formerly known as children. What was once the purview of a handful of companies has escalated in a gargantuan enterprise estimated at over $17 billion annually.

     While parents try to set limits at home, marketing executives work day and night to undermine their efforts with commercial messages irresistible to children. Childhood obesity, violent behaviors, precocious sexuality, rampant consumerism, family stress and the erosion of children’s creative play have all been linked to a commercialized childhood. Dr. Susan Linn will talk about the magnitude of this pernicious problem and provide suggestions for what we can do about it.

SUSAN LINN, ED.D: Susan Linn is Founding Director of The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, Research Associate at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. A psychologist, she has written extensively about the effects of media and commercial marketing on children. Her book, Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood, was been praised in publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, and Mother Jones and helped launch the movement to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers. The Boston Globe called her new book, The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World, “a wonderful look at how play can heal children.”

     Dr. Linn has lectured about the importance of creative play, the impact of media and marketing on children, and about puppets as a therapeutic tool, throughout North America and in South America, Europe, and Asia. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, Today, Sixty Minutes, Dateline, The Colbert Report, and the acclaimed documentary The Corporation. Dr. Linn is also an award winning ventriloquist and children’s entertainer, who appeared on Mister Rogers Neighborhood, and is internationally known for her innovative work using puppets in child psychotherapy. With Family Communications, Fred Rogers’ production company, she created Different and the Same: Helping Children Identify and Prevent Prejudice, an award winning video series for first- to third graders. Among other honors, she was awarded a Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association for her work on behalf of children.


Fall Fair & Open House

Fall Fair and Open House, November 8th - What is it and why do I need to know? Many parents in our school were first introduced to Merriconeag, and to Waldorf Education, by attending our famous Fall Fair. For the past thirty years, this Fair has brought together our greater community for a daylong celebration of the season, with fine crafts, music, food, puppetry, outdoor games, and unique entertainment for the whole family. This is the day we also host an Admissions Open House, which is a wonderful way for parents in the community to see our community in action, peek into the classrooms, and talk with faculty and staff. This year, the Fall Fair and Open House is on Saturday, November 8th. This is a mandatory school day for all students – it is also one everyone looks forward to!

     Back by popular demand, we will also have the Friday night Artisan Sale and Reception, on Friday Nov. 7th, from 6- 9 pm in the Community Hall (see article in today’s Tuesday News).

     Besides being a community-building and outreach event, the Fall Fair also raises money for the operating budget. Merriconeag, like most independent schools, cannot rely solely on revenue from tuition for our operating expenses. The cost of our education would be out of reach for many families if we did. The school, therefore, relies on a variety of fundraisers to supplement the operating budget, and we rely on your involvement to make this all happen.
      In the Development Office we strive to meet the school’s fundraising goals while maintaining realistic expectations of our parent’s time and energy. By sharing the Fair responsibilities across the whole school, and coordinating the efforts through the Class Coordinators with support from the Development Office, we hope that our volunteers will find their efforts deeply enriching and rewarding. Everyone takes up a piece of the work, and it all comes together!

     We encourage everyone to volunteer and get involved with the fair for the following reasons: the joy and excitement the children have for this event, the camaraderie of parents working side by side, the new faces you will see that are full of amazement and admiration for our community, the smiling alumni and their parents, the meeting and greeting of many friends, and the support for all that we value in choosing Waldorf education for our children.

Fall Fair Kick-off Meeting: Tuesday Sept. 23rd, 8:15 am in the Farmhouse

     In a remarkable show of community spirit and generosity, each fall, Merriconeag parents and faculty pull off one of southern Maine’s most delightful fall fairs, right here on our campus. Children of all ages look forward to this wonderful tradition. We hold an Admissions Open House concurrently, so it is also a wonderful way to showcase the best of our school to the greater community. Everyone plays a role – whether you are co-chairing one of the committees, baking for the Café, or working a couple shifts on the day of the Fair, we all help make this day a success.

     Mark your calendars – and tell your friends from outside the school – because this Fair has Free Admission and something for all ages. Merriconeag parents - please remember that the Fall Fair is considered a school day and an important part of your child’s and the whole family’s experience.

     For anyone in the community who wants to be a part of this fun event, will have our organizational meeting on Tuesday Sept. 23rd at drop-off (8:15am), in the farmhouse. Anyone organizing a Fall Fair activity should come; anyone who is interested in learning how you can help should also come! The Fall Fair cannot happen without all of our wonderful volunteers! Treats and coffee provided. If you can’t come to this meeting but want to be involved, contact one of us in the Development Office:
Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 x 116, in the farmhouse
Mary Martin, events@merriconeag.org 865-3900 x. 113, in the portable office

Note: Updates about the Fall Fair will be regularly posted in the Tuesday News


Back by popular demand!

Maine Made Artisan and Craft Sale and Reception for Adults

Friday evening, Nov. 7th, 6-9 pm in the Community Hall. This free wine and cheese reception is designed for adults to enjoy child-free shopping time in the Artisan Marketplace, and to reconnect with alumni parents and older alumni students (21 and up).

     Over 18 local artisans have been chosen to participate in our Artisan Marketplace that will include both old favorites and new artisans, including two Merriconeag alumni and parents.

     We warmly welcome the public – mark your calendars and invite your friends!

     Many of you asked us to bring back this popular event of years past, so that parents can shop and see old friends on Friday night – and on Saturday be available to volunteer for a shift and be with their children. We heard you, and now we need your help. If you can help organize the Friday night reception (wine and light appetizers), please contact Mary Martin or Lynne Espy. Thank you!
Mary Martin, events@merriconeag.org 865-3900 x. 113
Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 x 116


From the Business Office

Merriconeag Waldorf School Launches

Local Goods Sale to Raise Funds for Tiered Tuition:

Hot off the presses: Sales in the first week are $1195,

giving MWS over $350 for Tiered Tuition!

Share the news! Merriconeag Waldorf School has launched a new fundraiser with Close Buy Catalog, a local goods school fundraising catalog featuring only made in New England products. A whopping 30% of each sale will benefit Tiered Tuition at Merriconeag. This year’s sale runs from now through October 3rd.

     This year’s Close Buy Catalog features over 120 New England vendors – showcasing their locally made specialty food, body care, gifts, accessories, toys and stationary. Maine vendors featured in the 2014 Close Buy Catalog include Bixby Bar, Dave’s Coffee Syrup, Lacey Goodrich, Spring Break Maple & Honey, Rogue Wallets, Studio E. Flett Designs, and Seapoint Chandlers.

     Anyone can shop! To support Tiered Tuition, visit closebuycatalog.com, enter your youngest child's name and choose Merriconeag Waldorf School in the drop-down list at checkout. If the person ordering doesn't have a child at school, they can just enter their name as the customer. For more information, please contact Melissa Hoy in the business office: bookkeeper@merriconeag.org , 865-3900 x 151.

Please note: Catalogs went home last week but there are a few remaining at Early Childhood. We have a few extra catalogs so let us know if you didn't receive one or need an extra.


School Community Updates

Foundation Studies hosts the Anthropos production, “The Incarnation of the Logos," as part of their course work and invite you to attend.

Performed by Glen Williamson (Member, Actors’ Equity Association)
Monday, September 29, 7 pm
Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

This performance is for high school and up.
The Anthropos production harmonizes the conflicting accounts of Matthew and Luke and weaves the threads of many traditions into an intimate but also cosmic drama. This wondrous story begins with the messianic prophecies in the Temple in Jerusalem, weaves through many parts of the world and throughout history, and ends with the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. Adam and Eve, Moses, Adonis, Osiris, Isis, Apollo, Krishna, Buddha and Zarathustra all appear in this sometimes astonishing retelling of the greatest story ever told. This saga is based on the Gospels and the work of spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner and theologians Emil Bock and Edward R. Smith.

Glen Williamson, a founding member in New York City of The Actors’ Ensemble and New Directions Theater, appeared in numerous productions with both companies, as well as with Walking the Dog Theater. He currently plays multiple roles in seven productions touring throughout North America and in Europe. His production company Anthropos (the Greek word for human being) seeks to uphold and celebrate what is truly human through the arts of theater and storytelling. Visit AnthroposTheater.com.

The performance runs one hour and fifteen minutes and is free and open to the public.For more information: triciatoms@gmail.com or brichardson@centerforanthroposphy.org

Donations Needed for Michaelmas 2014 Celebration: This year, Michaelmas celebration will be on Friday, October 3rd, only a few weeks away! Like last year, we will be using recycled or upcycled materials for a Michaelmas inspired project. We need your help collecting these materials, such as: yarn, glue, old containers, fabric, egg cartons, milk jugs, cups, aluminum foil, or any other crafty items that you can think of and are willing to donate.
      Donations can be placed in the gallery area of the community hall. Please place the items in the containers labeled Michaelmas. Thank you for your help!

School Photo Day: Tricia Toms will be taking school photos next week on Tuesday, Sept. 23 with a raindate of Wednesday the 24th. Individual and group photos will be taken of every student in Grades 1 through 12 with ONLY a class photo for EC Students. Please look for details about proofs and ordering next week!


Athletic News



Please share any XC photos with the Tuesday News by sending them to publicrelations@merriconeag.org.

Middle School Cross Country

On Thursday, 9/11, the middle school XC team hosted the first meet of the season at the Desert Road campus, utilizing the newly cleared portion of the Red Trail to expand the woods portion of the course. Due to some scheduling changes within the league, we absorbed an entire second race to host Poland, Freeport, Durham, Sacopee Valley, Waynflete, and the St. Dom's junior high school team to host one of the largest (or perhaps the largest) races of the season with 111 runners completing the course. The weather was perfect for running (maybe not spectating) and our young team, after only two weeks of practice, came out flying.

     In the boys' race, Adriel Barham, Kipling Samuelson, and Matinicus Neveu took 5th, 6th, and 7th places respectively, followed by Stuart Whittier in 12th and Aiden Kusche in 13th in a field of 61 runners to lock in a first place team finish for the boys. Samuel Wilson and Owen Stefanakos had great debut races, as did Henry Libby and Aidan Stark-Chessa. All the boys finished within 3 minutes of one another and all placed in the top 2/3 of the field. Great job!

     The girls ran the second race of the day and came out with equally profound (if not shocking) results. Incoming 6th graders Aniela Holtrop and Dylan Randall-Newberg ran among a group of 8th grade competitors and took 3rd and 5th place overall. Wilson Haims, Eliza Skillings, and Grace Kessler had great races, all finishing in the top 24 of 50 and securing a second place team finish for the girls, just edged out by 6 points by last-minute addition St. Dom's. The pack of Olivia Bradbury, Charlotte Joseph, and Madelaine Panici ran excellent races and shaved tremendous time off their time trials just a few days earlier. Magnolia Sinisi, Sophia Caron, Brenna Moore, Caroline Odlin-Brewer and India Galbreath-Jenkins made strong showings and had a great first race of the season.

     Overall, I think many personal season goals were exceeded in the first race, so we have some recalibration to do this week. I am extremely proud of this group, and am looking forward to continuing our work (and fun!) this season.

     Thank you to all the volunteers who came to help guide runners, hand out popsicle sticks, record times, bake cookies, etc. It was quite amusing to watch one of the visiting runners calling to his teammate still on the course to "hurry up - they have cookies!". We could not have done it without all of you. Special thanks to Will Hight for helping to get the Red Trail cleared, chipped, and prepped for the season, Lisa Mainella and Hans Gundersen for spending an "Evening in the Woods" with me to cut back brush and stumps, John Saccone for a superb job marking and taping the course, and Susan Sonntag for "herding the cats" and coordinating the many last-minute changes in teams and scheduling. Many thanks as well to the high school XC team for providing direction and coverage in the woods during the race.  Coach John Olson

The Next Races: On Thursday, 9/18, the team travels (by bus, one-way only) to Cape Elizabeth's Gull Crest Field (off Spurwink) to run against Cape Elizabeth, Greely, Jordan Small (Raymond), and Waynflete. Boys run at 4:00, girls at 4:30 - hope to see you all there! Pickup will be at Gull Crest Field by 5:30, please. Remember there is rush hour traffic across the bridge at that time of day, so please plan accordingly.


High School Cross Country

The High School Cross Country helped out as the middle school hosted a huge race this past week (awesome race everyone!), and the following day hosted Greely, Kennebunk, NYA and Poland. Our team ran hard, resulting in second place finishes for both the boys and the girls teams. Thanks to everyone that came out to support our runners, to the parents for providing post-race snacks for all and for helping to direct runners on the course, and many thanks to Coach Morgan Lake-Adams for a great job organizing the team and preparing our kids. Full results can be found on the results page of the blog.

The Next Races: This week sees the team racing at Freeport, along with Poland and York. The boys run first at 4:30, with the girls to follow at 5:00. Click here for the complete race schedule.

Throughout the season, everyone can keep on top of the running team happenings via the blog.

Come out and cheer for the team!

Photos courtesy of Kevin Morris, Photographer



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